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Fortive Outsourcing

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October 2020


Everett, Washington

In my role at Fortive, I undertook a challenging project that involved the integration of 20 subsidiaries, known as OpCos, into a cohesive IT operating structure. Comparable to a venture capitalist organization, Fortive required all operating companies to align their IT processes to optimize efficiency and support the needs of their 35,000 users spread across 130 countries.

My initial focus was on establishing a standardized framework by implementing ITIL processes and designing a ServiceNow platform tailored to accommodate these processes. Concurrently, I led the Request for Proposal (RFP) process, meticulously evaluating and selecting vendors. Ultimately, the team determined a Service Provider was the preferred choice.

To expedite the transition and reduce costs, I executed a comprehensive six-month transition plan in just three months, as per the executive team's requirements. This involved smoothly transferring responsibilities from legacy staff to Service Provider, ensuring a seamless handover. Once the transition phase was completed, my responsibilities extended to establishing a customer governance model. Through this model, we closely monitored Service Provider's adherence to service level agreements (SLAs) during steady-state operations post-transition.

Subsequently, we embarked on a 12-month transition period aimed at achieving cost efficiency savings with the service provider. Although the provider fell short of meeting these cost-saving initiatives, Fortive successfully achieved significant financial savings of $50 million over the course of the five-year outsourcing agreement with Service Provider.

I take great pride in the successful completion of this project, as it not only streamlined IT operations across Fortive's subsidiaries but also delivered substantial financial benefits for the company's future.

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