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ASP - Acquisition

Project type



November 2018


Everett Washington

Fortive, a prominent parent company, acquired Advanced Sterilization Products from Johnson and Johnson. As an integral part of this acquisition, I was entrusted with the responsibility of executing the infrastructure integration process. Notably, the agreement did not include the transfer of any existing infrastructure. At the request of the Fortive Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the time, I joined their team to establish the newly acquired company. Given that it was a startup, we had the opportunity to implement a scalable model across Fortive's extensive portfolio, which encompassed over 20 operating companies.

To accomplish this, I spearheaded a cloud-first approach, where we built the company's foundation entirely on a public cloud infrastructure, specifically leveraging the vast capabilities of AWS. We deployed various services such as EC2, direct connects, multiple VPCs, RDS instances, firewalls, and workspaces, among others. Our team successfully utilized these resources to ensure a seamless and robust infrastructure for the newly acquired company and set a precedent for future deployments across Fortive's diverse portfolio.

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